Loneliness: What is it?


The magnitude or multitude of your friendships does not govern your loneliness level. Being the loneliest guy at a crowded party is a cliche a lot relate to as I do. Being alone at home can be the best feeling sometimes when the world and its busyness gets overwhelming.

Why then, why, is loneliness so common? Where does it come from and how do I get over it? I wish for loneliness to be gone! For everyone!

I think Buddha would say it is a selfish desire for someone to care for me. Psychology might deduce that I have an unsatisfied nurturing issue. God may direct my attention to those less fortunate.

Spending all your time caring for others still ends in a type of loneliness that says “My turn now”.  Certainly, seeking ones own pleasures and not caring for others gets hollow. “Is this all there is?” So you might expect that a balance may solve the conundrum. Let me know if you have been lonely and have lost it for good, because no matter how happy and content I get there that sinking feeling, that gut wrenching yuckiness, still returns! (Yuckiness was in Spellchecker!)

Sitting in a cafe somewhere in the best city in the world sipping black sweet coffee and typing with my thumb on the phone. Hmmmph.

Love alwaz


2 thoughts on “Loneliness: What is it?

  1. Loneliness – if we liken ourselves to animals then we would resemble those that exist in packs. But we have human souls that yearn for love. Sometimes people satisfy this longing with a little furry pet. I just think we are programmed to give and receive love and when we are not doing this (the way in which society tells us we should) we feel lonely.

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