Art for love’s sake


My friend Phillip took me to the Museum and Art Galleries in Brisbane on Wednesday.  We went by train which takes you nearly express to the centre of the Arts and Culture Precinct on the south bank of the Brisbane River.

What a strange experience I had.  It was a sensational day weather wise both in Brisbane and on the GC, and there were no crowds of holiday makers or school children.  Everything went so well and my mate and I even enjoyed each others company. (Not always a given!)

I thoroughly enjoyed walking between the sparse buildings and within their walls were works of outstanding expression and emotion – exceptional talent.  There were old paintings and primitive artifacts: modern blobs of paint and sophisticated lines that evoke feelings of wonder and confusion.  What was so amazing you might ask?

My mind saw art everywhere I looked.  In the technology of riding in a whisper quiet carriage with wi-fi access and robotic doors to the unique architecture of Brisbane’s houses.  The world itself was on show with brilliant winter sunshine and native flora.  People who have originated from all parts of the globe (and beyond?) dressed in brightly coloured or mournfully dark clothing expressing their particular theme de jour.

Our conversations and weird little jokes represented the soundtrack (available at the foyer).  My peaceful meditation on the trip home was a perfect foil for the day of sights and sounds and smells and places and bits of Art for Love’s Sake.

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