Spiritual Journey



It seems to me that we have a physical presence, and mental capacity and a spiritual something-or-other that constitutes the total me-ness.  I, Mike can run, and cook, and carry my child physically.  Some of these things are quite simple for me and other things like yoga poses are difficult and take some practice.  I get better with effort but I’ll never ever be able physically, to give birth to a child or run like a cheetah.

In my mind I can think abstractly and figure out mathematical problems with use of memory and logic.  Some of us are better than others – but I can’t remember past life experiences (like running like a cheetah or giving birth?).  As I get older the mental dexterity I had is slowing and compensatorily I have a bit of patience and experience to use that I didn’t earlier.

Spiritually, we are on different paths and in varying stages of development, that seems evident.  We have many ways of expressing our faith in the unknown and of showing our connection to others. Love, god, and community are elements of the ethereal that bind us, and yet we don’t agree on what ‘it’ is.  What is your ‘Spirituality’ will certainly vary to mine and his and hers, and theirs.

Today, though, I can be whole and spiritual with my partners, communities and the worlds that I am in if I look outwards and not inwards.  Richard Rohr in his newsletter this week spoke about letting go and let god.

“The spiritual journey is about living more and more in that abundant place where you don’t have to wrap yourself around your hurts, your defeats, your failures; but you can get practiced in letting go and saying “That’s not me. I don’t need that. I’ve met a better self, a truer self.”

I can practice.


Love alwaz


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