The Mental Illness Rollercoaster

Yep, my mental illness is more like the Carousel.

gathering the pieces of me

A dark, abandoned rollercoaster at night

Everyone talks about the rollercoaster ride that living with mental illness can be, and I guess that is a fairly apt comparison. Except that rollercoasters, while occasionally giving some mild scares, are generally designed and experienced for fun, something no one would ever say about mental illness. And on a rollercoaster, you can almost always see what is coming ahead and brace yourself for it, which isn’t always possible with mental illness. Oh, and let’s not forget that on a rollercoaster there are safety systems and seat-belts, and someone operating it that is specially trained; last I checked I didn’t have any of that for my brain. And did I mention that rollercoasters tend to be short and have a definite ending where you can choose to get off – to say nothing of your choice to get on it in the first place – sure would be a kickass…

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