Hemp, Hemp, Hooray

Hemp uses

The re-introduction of hemp into mainstream usage is taking a long time.  At the beginning of the 20th Century the world was more akin to using hemp as a sturdy and versatile product.  We now know that it has sensational nutritional qualities too.  I suppose the common conception of hemp as the ‘Happy Herb’ will die very slowly and happily scientists and farmers have developed low THC varieties that government are willing for us to get our hands on.

In my quest to bring Fair Trade, eco-friendly and high quality pants to the marketplace, I am happy to settle on hemp as a preferred fabric.  As the supply is limited and the market quite small, my costs are quite high and therefore the sale price would reflect that.  If you have an opinion about what the market will bear as far as quality versus price I would love to hear from you.  I’m considering a 55% blend of hemp and 45% organic cotton as a compromise however if clients will pay $80 for an authentic hemp ThaiFancyPants article then we can maybe be completely hemp-minded.

Drop me a line or comment below. Many thanks.


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