Sculpting the Elephant in The Room



Everyone knows how to make a sculpture of an elephant.  You take a block of rock and ship away at everything that isn’t ‘elephant’.  I love this metaphor for how to fix me, or how to find me more specifically.  I was a ‘boy’, they told me, when I began my journey but didn’t really explain what that meant.

I was a catholic, they said.  “But I don’t like Catholics!”, I rebelled and furthermore, “I don’t like labels of any sort”.  Trying to be a ‘good Catholic boy’ was very tough work.  I soon got tired of being confused.

When I grew up to being ‘A man’, I wasn’t any the wiser on being a man than I was with being a boy. Now, no longer a catholic, I was a dad and a husband and an employee.  Stumbling around and into others who were men, dads, husbands and employees…

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